Friday, May 2, 2008

Happy birthday William

Happy Birthday Tugboat. Today William will be 5yr. old.
Favorite Things: Cars, swinging, stuffed animals, ice cream and {Drum roll please} ME.


Lauren Reavely said...

Hey Collin! :D

How's life since Regionals? Oh man, that was such a fun tournament. Are you getting ready for speech next year? ;) I'm really looking forward to it and to seeing all my Clarion friends again! :)

Have a fantastic week!

Ginger said...

You can't miss that big smile Will has. Collin...can't wait to hear you play again the next time we visit. You are AWESOME!!!!

Grandma of Many said...

Collin - thanks for all the pictures although a couple are a little scary! Yeah, Collin, are you working on next year's speeches? I'm excited to go to see the band tonight with you. Love, Grandma Dot